Our Green Commitment

  • The electrically driven Aerial Tram is on a counter balanced pulley system. The Tram departs every 20 minutes providing transportation from downtown to the resort, and has the capacity to carry 120 passengers + 1 attendant. In May of 2001 we installed new MG set which allowed us to only use electricity when the tram is in motion this decreased our usage by 4,250 KW (5%) reduction.
  • The majority of our staff uses the Tram for transportation. We also organize staff carpools.
  • We have incorporated a green cleaning program, which improves the health of our guest as well as our employees.
  • We recycle our cardboard and have recycling containers available in the ice arena for plastic bottles.
  • We have 100% organic landscaping. We use heavy mulch to reduce watering and when watering is necessary, we use direct soaking in the early morning. We have incorporated Paulownia Trees, flowering and act as soil filter, removing toxins and replacing minerals. Paulownia Trees are drought resistant once established. Their roots tend to go deep into the ground in search of water, rather than on the surface. This makes planting around the tree easy and makes it friendlier to nearby walkway.
  • We have 5 collection ponds where rain, and runoff water is stored for us to use during the winter to make snow.
  • Our Wildlife Encounter provides a home to native animals that would not be able to survive in the wild.
  • The Ice Arena‘s recent renovations have decreased our electric usage by 40%. The old refrigerant was harmful to the Ozone layer and had an atmospheric life of over 100 years which means that when there were leaks it would continue doing harm to the environment until 2100 and beyond. The new refrigerant is ammonia. Ammonia is completely natural and has an atmospheric life of 72 hours at which time it breaks down to natural elements of Nitrogen and Hydrogen which comprise 79% of our atmosphere. Ammonia is more than 10% more efficient than the previous refrigerant as a heat transfer medium. The new oversized evaporative condenser uses the power of nature to evaporate water at a lower temperature which results in a boost to system capacity and a reduction of energy consumption by over 20%. A variable speed fan is installed on the condenser so it uses only the amount of energy to extract that heat efficiently.  The new chiller is very large with a lot more heat transfer area. This means that the refrigerant does not have to be so cold to remove the heat from the glycol which circulates in piping under the ice. For every degree we increase the refrigerant temperature we gain approximately 2% efficiency.  
  • We also use an electric Zamboni.

We are proud to be members of the Gatlinburg Goes Green Program.

Green Certificate